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Unit Converter provides a simple method to convert a quantity from one measurement unit to another measurement unit. Select the type of measurement and then enter the value in the appropriate unit. The conversion for all units is then displayed. Units are displayed largest to smallest.

Maximum displayed decimal places can be set for 1 to 6 places. Setting is global or can be set for each conversion. By default, Converted values are rounded to four decimal places for display. Trailing zeros are dropped. Scientific notation to four decimal places is used for display of values greater than 999 999 or less than 0.001 (for four decimal places). (Accuracy may degrade due to accumulated rounding errors.)

Also provides a numeral system conversion -- binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal.

Simple operation:

  • On first screen select measurement type.
  • Scroll to the measurement unit for input.
  • Input measurement value. Enter, double tap, or change focus to display converted values.
  • Scroll to desired measurement unit for converted value.
  • Double tap or change focus to clear values for new input.
  • Swipe to return to first screen.
  • Swipe first screen to exit application.

  • Measurement types and units are:

    Current version: 2.1.6 (change log)

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