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Tip Calculator provides a quick way to calculate and add a tip to a bill by just entering the amount of the bill.

Tax can be excluded from tip by entering it separately. Methods are provided to adjust the different elements from the default if desired:

  • enter tip percentage
  • enter a tip dollar amount
  • enter a total dollar amount
  • round the tip up or down to a whole dollar amount
  • round the total amount up or down to a whole dollar amount
  • select a tip percent based on service quality
  • Default preferences are set for:

  • tip percentage
  • rounding (tip or total and up or down)
  • service quality (Great, Expected, Fair, Poor) tip percent
  • Changes to preference settings take effect the next time the application is started or reset.

    Functions in both portrait and landscape orientation.

    Current version: 1.0.5

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    Available now on Android Market.

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