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Three Month Calendar is a back to basics calendar providing a view of three months of the year on a single screen (similar to the 3 month view wall calendar).

Some Preferences:
-Sunday or Monday as first day of week.
-Display Week Number
-Show Holidays
-Background color different for not current.
-Countdown to day display line.

The current date is displayed with a blue background. United States holidays are displayed in red. Sundays are also displayed in red.

Holidays displayed are:

  • New Year's day -- January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday -- third Monday in January
  • George Washington's Birthday -- third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day -- last Monday in May
  • Independence Day -- July 4
  • Labor Day -- first Monday in September
  • Columbus Day -- second Monday in October
  • Veterans Day -- November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day -- fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day -- December 25

  • Current month is displayed in center at startup. Swipe to change the displayed months by one month. A year can be entered via the keyboard and displayed with the shown months unchanged. The background is changed to blue when displaying other than the current month (change can be disabled).

    Application "About and Help" file.

    Current version: 1.3.4 (change log)

    Application screenshots:



    Available now on Android Market.

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